Friday, August 29, 2008

Tutorial, editing dialogue OoT ROM

Hi, this tutorial is going to show you how to change a character's dialogue when you talk to them.

You will need:
An emulator, I recommend either Project64 or Nemu64, I'm using Project64 for this tutorial:
Download Project 64
Download Nemu64
A debug rom or regular rom of Ocarina of Time. You can also find a debug rom on limewire or shareware program. (should be around 30mb)
Ocarina of Time ROM download
A hex editor, either HxD or XVI32. I'm using HxD in this tutorial.
HxD download
XVI32 download
You will also want to configure Rice's video plugin
Configuring rice's video Tutorial (by Riguel)

Great, let's get started! Run the Ocarina of Time ROM in your emulator & play until you find a dialogue scene you want to edit. I chose the town guard at the exit of the marketplace facing hyrule field.

End the emulation & open your hex editor. Open the ROM in the hex editor. On the thirdish line of the hex you will see THE LEGEND OF ZELDA at the right, this is the title of the Rom which shows up atop the window, I changed it to THE RIDDLE OF ZELDA :D.

Now we are going to also change the dialogue scene which we looked at. In the hex editor, press ctrl+F to open the Find tool. Type in part of the dialogue, & press enter. The hex editor now found & highlighted the text scene. You can now change it to whatever you want the character to say (even profanity :D). I chose to say this though:

Ok, now save it & run the saved file in your emulator & this should be the result:

*Credit to Souylsin for teaching me* Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to edit some basic textures in a 64 ROM

First, you'll need to follow my friends tutorial on setting up Rice's video plugin. It is posted at
Link to Tutorial
In Project 64, click options-->settings. In the Video (graphics) plugin choice you should now see Rice's as an option; choose it & press ok. Now click options-->configure graphics plugin. Click the general options tab & uncheck hide advanced options, also in this window click the Texture Filters tab & check both dump textures to file & check Load Hi-res textures if available. End the emulation & reopen the rom again in project 64, make sure both the checked boxes in the options we changed are still there. Play through all the way until you see the open saved file screen.

Now, in the project 64 folder open the plugin folder & from there open the texture_dump folder. You should see a folder called THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. We are going to do a basic interface texture edit. also in the plugin folder should be a folder named hires_texture. Move the THE LEGEND OF ZELDA folder inside here. open it, there should be 5 folders (these are all the textures that have dumped so far, the textures only dump from the parts of the game you've played through), open the one named png_by_rgb_a. Find one of the File Save buttons, I chose File 2 & open this in paint (photoshop or gimp are much better for future edits, gimp is free).

Just made a basic noticable edit & saved it.

Now open up the rom in project 64 again & make sure those 2 check marks are still up. Skip to the choose save file menu & see if your texture showed up :D. Note I changed the choose a save file text image too just for the heck of it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Zelda64 Ocarina of Time Rom Download

Pretty much the only place on the net: Ocarina of Time .ROM. Enjoy!

Download Mirror 1
(consider buying a premium account for, it's 5$ & useful if you are more than a e-lurker :D)

Info: 32 MB .rom file, runs best with Project64 or Nemu64

Disclaimer: do not use this rom for copyright infringement, the 64 game was created by nintendo.
Download Ocarina of Time: Download Mirror 1
Note: there are a few texture differences compared to the actual 64 game. If you haven't already, you need to download Project 64, an emulator that mimics a nintendo 64, nemu64 is also a good emulator.

Link to Project64 download

Link to nemu64 download

If you are interested in learning the basics of Rom editing for the 64, join us in the n64projects community. It's a lot of fun, we're pretty easy going :D

Link to n64projects.